Linhai Best Fine Pigments Co., Ltd., founded on 2001,is a joint-stock enterprise of specialized pigments. It is located in Shuangqiao, Linhai economic developing-zone in Zhejiang province , a famous cultural city in the history.It occupies a total area of 70 mu and a total investment of 17 million yuan, the transportation is very convenient.

Our company , founded on the basis of manufacturing enterprise of specialized pigments, owns mature technology, wide marketing network and a certain amount of market occupancy. In order to adapt new economy development and turn of the market, running pattern of our company was adjusted in time on the basis of high educational level, high starting point,high quality, high input.

Owing to the wide popularity, powerful capital strength of Jili Group, our company associated with two key factories in Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong, Guangdong etc., eight joint venture factories to exploit market together by means of mutual share-holding,proprietary, technical input and OEM.Products involved in are: rutile titanium white powder produced by chlorination process; various kinds of phthalocyanine series;Plumbum series(chrome yellow ,molybdate orange , red lead, yellow lead oxide ); permanent solid, sunfast ,azo series;cadmium series;organic yellow series; various kinds of high. medium grade aluminium, silver paste, thermoplastic type solid acrylic resin.

Managing idea of our company is : sincere,perfect , wise , diligent. By force of the tenet of "Quality first, Service paramountcy , we will keep on creating customers' value, carrying on the strategy of mutual benefit to develop with customers together..

Address: Shuangqiao, Linhai City Economic Development Zone of Zhejiang Province Zip: 317000 Tel: +86-576-85126188、 85123003 Fax: +86-576-85126188
Email:[email protected] Website:
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